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The 12 Step Program

12-Step Approach to Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment at Blossoms is underpinned by the world-renowned 12-Step addiction treatment model. The 12-Step approach was first pioneered by the organisation Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and is a spiritual, abstinence-based programme, that provides a set of guiding principles for the treatment of a wide range of substance (alcohol & drugs) and behavioural addictions (gambling & sex addiction ). The 12-Step technique focuses on your motivation to change your unhealthy thought patterns and addictive behaviours, and also incorporates elements of spirituality within the treatment and recovery process.

During treatment, patients progress through various stages of the 12-Step Programme, typically in a group therapy format, and are encouraged to share their progress with peers, receive constructive feedback and develop insight and awareness. Patients are also able to attend regular AA and other 12-Step fellowship meetings, which are held both on and off-site, in order to enhance their engagement with the 12-Step philosophy and the wider recovery community.