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Our Approach

Our belief is that hope must never be lost. Each individual has a unique personality, hence the treatment required in understanding an illness like addiction is different for each patient. That is what we precisely try to provide at Blossoms Convalescent Care.

Our treatment is based on the globally accepted and most successful Twelve Step Programme. It is coupled with Medical Care, Cognitive and Experiential Therapy with a Post Care Plan which in our experience is most effective in treating chronic problems of addiction as well as related destructive and obsessive behaviour patterns. Our professional team works with each individual and their near and dear ones to give a chance of recovery in the best possible way.

The exclusive facility enables patients to relinquish their life of addiction and lead an independent normal life, as every individuals road to recovery and sobriety is unique. It is a personal journey where the individual is guided and treated by qualified counsellors, doctors and trained staff. Medical care and Detox is of given utmost importance.